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    Fire Risk Assessment

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    Fire Risk Assessment

    As stipulated by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, every commercial premises must have a full fire risk assessment carried out at regular intervals in order to identify and eradicate any potential fire hazards in the workplace.

    Ensuring that this assessment is performed by a ‘competent’ person is important, both for the safety of your staff and for legislative compliance. All our fire risk assessors have real industry experience, gleaned from years of service within the fire brigade, ensuring your fire risk assessment is both compliant and practical in terms of applying fire safety practices to your workplace.

    Scutum London’s risk assessors are fully trained to conduct risk assessments to PAS79 (Publicly Available Specification for Fire Risk Assessment and its Methodology), issued by the British Standards Institute, so you can be assured that the assessment you receive from us is fully compliant with current fire safety legislation. As one of the UK’s leading fire safety companies, we can rectify any faults or weaknesses we find through a fire risk assessment, ensuring that your premises are fitted with the highest quality equipment, your staff are fully trained in fire safety procedures and your building is as safe as possible from the risks of fire.

    Why Do I Need a Fire Risk Assessment?

    Fire risk assessments are absolutely crucial to the safety of a building and those within it. A fire risk assessment allows for the identification of hazards, vulnerabilities and areas where improvements need to be made – rectifying these vulnerabilities can save lives, and without a fire risk assessment, they may go unnoticed until too late. 

    What’s Included in a Fire Risk Assessment?

    A fire risk assessment consists of five steps:

    1. Identifying people at risk – People could be at risk because of the nature of their work, their location within a building or any mobility issues they may have.
    2. Identifying fire hazards – Things like fuel sources, ignition sources (flammable substances) and sources of oxygen.
    3. Evaluate risks – Assess the preparedness of staff; the presence of appropriate fire safety equipment (alarms, extinguishers, fire doors), the adequacy of escape routes and the regularity of fire drills. Determine whether or not steps have been taken to minimise fire safety risks.
    4. Report findings – All findings from a fire risk assessment must be recorded in writing so that remedial action can be taken where necessary.
    5. Review – Fire risk assessments should be reviewed regularly to ensure a building’s fire safety is still adequate. It is recommended that a fire risk assessment should be reviewed every 12 months.

    You can read more about fire risk assessments in our help & advice centre.

    Scutum London are leading providers of thorough and compliant fire risk assessments to any type of premises, from schools, offices, flats, new builds and anywhere that provides sleeping accommodation. 

    Our experienced and qualified team can advise as to any remedial action that may be required by law, we can also provide fire safety training for your own team where needed. 

    Get in touch today to find out more about how Scutum London’s risk assessments can benefit and protect your business.

    Watch the video below to hear how we helped a school in Richmond to replace the fire doors throughout their buildings.

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    Fire Risk Assessments

    Fire Risk Assessments

    Scutum London are fully trained in PAS79 (Publicly Available Specification for Fire Risk Assessment and its Methodology), ensuring your business is kept up to date with all regulations.

    Fire Risk Assessments

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    Fire Risk Assessments

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