How to Dispose of a Fire Extinguisher

Because fire extinguishers are classed as hazardous waste, you cannot simply throw them in the household waste for recycling. To help you safely and legally dispose of your fire extinguisher, we’ve drawn up the steps you need to take.

Steps for disposing of a fire extinguisher

  • Step 1 – Determine the fire extinguisher type by the rating on the body
  • Step 2 – Has it been used? Some fire extinguishers won’t last when partially used, while for others you might be able to recharge them
  • Step 3 – If you extinguisher is damaged, or you’re unsure of the chemicals involved, have it collected by a licensed disposal company
  • Step 4 – Release any remaining pressure in undamaged units into a sealed drain
  • Step 5 – Leave the extinguisher to stand for a few days, ensuring it has lost all of its pressure
  • Step 6 – Take the fire extinguisher to your local recycling centre or have it collected

fire extinguisher disposal

Halon Extinguisher Disposal

Halon fire extinguishers have been banned since 2003. If you have one of these, you must take it to a recycling facility immediately.


Professional fire extinguisher disposal

To discuss the disposal or recharging of your fire extinguishers – whether they’re damaged or intact – simply contact Scutum Group today. Our specialists can come directly to your premises to remove your old extinguishers and dispose of them legally.


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