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What Are The Different Types of Intruder Alarms?

What Are The Different Types of Intruder Alarms?

Protecting your business from the threat of crime is one you should take very seriously. But with so many options available, deciding on the right intruder alarm system for your premises can be overwhelming.

That’s where you need the help and advice of experienced security professionals.

This article will examine some of the popular solutions available, how they work and what particular advantages and disadvantages each offers.

What are the different types of intruder alarm?

Motion detector systems

Perhaps the most common intruder alarm solution used in both commercial and domestic properties, motion detector systems pick up on people moving around inside a room when there shouldn’t be anyone there. This could be outside of working hours at commercial premises, or for domestic customers when they are in bed at night or out at work during the day.

They work by detecting a change in ambient radiation when someone passes in front of the sensor. This sends a signal to the control panel and an alarm is triggered.

You can obtain relatively cheap motion detector systems from large DIY stores and install them yourself. You need to be careful, however, because low quality sensors are likely to produce many false alarms, especially if you have a pet. Meanwhile, having an expert install your system is always the sensible move, as they will know the best places to locate the sensors for maximum effectiveness.

The main downside to these kinds of alarms is that they are only effective once the intruder has already gained entry. Whether instead of or as well as, you may therefore want something that raises an alarm as the potential intruder is attempting to get in.

Glass-break sensor alarm systems

Breaking the glass in a window or door is still one of the most common methods of illegal entry, especially for opportunistic thieves. If you want to raise an alarm as soon as the glass is broken, rather than waiting for the intruder to gain entry and be picked up by a motion detector, then a glass-break sensor is a sensible solution.

A small device is placed directly onto the glass and will raise an alarm as soon as someone breaks it. This is especially effective against opportunistic thieves, as most are likely to be deterred from going any further at this point. 

Of course, a glass-break sensor will only work when someone attempts entry by breaking glass. You need to be certain that your other vulnerable access points are also well protected.

Perimeter sensor alarm systems

For many businesses and homes, it’s not just the buildings that need to be protected. If you want to have the whole of your property wired up, including the grounds, then a perimeter sensor alarm will do exactly that.

They will usually be made up of a combination of cameras, sensors and other devices, but a security expert will be able to advise on the right system for your situation. Every premises has differently sized and shaped grounds, so there won’t be a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

The great thing about this kind of intruder alarm system is that it’s tackling the intruder problem right at the very edge of your whole premises. The counter to that is that, because it will probably be made up of different devices and need to cover more vulnerable points, it is likely to prove more expensive – and the bigger your grounds, the more expensive it will be.

Wireless intruder alarm systems

Now we come to systems that are operating in different ways, rather than using different means of detecting intruders. As the name implies, wireless intruder alarm systems are powered by batteries rather than mains electricity, although the control panel will be wired in. They also use your Wi-Fi system to transmit information from sensor to panel.

They are used almost exclusively in domestic properties, but they are also becoming increasingly popular in commercial settings. That’s because they don’t need to be wired into the building’s mains, making them cheaper and easier to install, as well as offering a quick and convenient way of moving sensors to different locations or adding extra sensors if necessary. 

Some users may feel uneasy that a loss of Wi-Fi signal or battery power could leave them vulnerable, but most modern systems have backup power in place and Wi-Fi signals – especially in commercial scenarios, where they are often essential – tend to be far more reliable than they used to be.

Hardwired intruder alarm systems

For those who want the solid reliability of their intruder alarm operating through mains electricity without messing about with batteries and Wi-Fi, a hardwired system provides just that. Wired systems are also less likely to be prone to interference and should therefore result in fewer false alarms (although modern wireless systems are far more reliable in this regard than many of the older models).

As a counter to the wireless system, hardwired intruder alarm systems are going to involve far more disruption when being installed, as well as being harder to change about if you subsequently alter the layout of your building.

Hybrid intruder alarm systems

Of course, if you like the sound of the benefits you get from both wireless and hardwired systems, a hybrid intruder alarm may be just what you’re looking for. That’s because it’s essentially a combination of the two, so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

In practical terms, it also means that you have the comfort of knowing that if one element fails for any reason, you’ll still have the other working to protect you. If you already have a hardwired system installed but want to expand it without the disruption of hardwiring extra sensors or even a whole new system, it’s usually straightforward to ‘piggyback’ wireless additions. 

When you need to boost the security of your commercial or domestic premises, Scutum London offers a wide range of solutions, with bespoke systems designed and installed by our team of experts. Our solutions can put you in complete control of your security needs, with the option of controlling your system via an app on your mobile phone meaning late night visits to turn off false alarms will be a thing of the past.

Get in touch with us now to find out more or ask for a free site visit so that we can assess your situation and provide informed advice as to the ideal solution for your property and budget.

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